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VideoDownloader Extension for Firefox

Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion… and other 60+ video sites ! And all embedded objects on a webpage (movies, mp3s, flash, quicktime, etc) ! Directly ! VideoDownloader adds a small icon on the status bar at the … Continue reading

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SXC Newsletter: The First Issue

I just go the first issue of the SXC Newsletter. Real nice. First, they introduced thesaint, a web designer from South Africa. I have downloaded some of his photos and they are really good. Here is what they said about … Continue reading

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Stock.XCHNG: the real FREE stock photo site

I have been visiting this site for a couple of years now. There are lots of sites that claim that they offer “free” photos, but none of them even comes close to SXC — in quality and quantity. Whether you … Continue reading

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Google objects over Microsoft’s plans to integrate MSN to IE7

Snippet from BetaNews. Google has raised objections over Microsoft’s plans to integrate its new search engine into Internet Explorer 7, press reports indicate. The company’s concerns have even led Google to speak with the Justice Department and the European Commission. … Continue reading

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Real world cash card that allows gamers to spend money earned in MMORPG

A real world cash card that allows gamers to spend money earned in a virtual universe has been launched. Gamers can use the card at cash machines around the world to convert virtual dollars into real currency. The card is … Continue reading

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Here is what I stumbled on today: Lightbox JS V2.0: Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. I  clicked through the … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 7

I have just installed IE7. Looks great. CTRL + Q is cool. Firefox should have this feature too It’s fast and the toolbars at the top are minimized — more space for surfing! Text looks smooth. However, it still has some … Continue reading

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My Google Page

Hehe! I just got an email from Google about Googlepage. I remember a couple months back when they just opened it, and when i went to sign-up it was full here is my l33t google page: http://wenbert.googlepages.com/home

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Webmonkey: Search Engine Optimization

Another interesting read for web designers, web developers and the like…. Search engine optimization, known far and wide as SEO, is an important factor in the success of websites small and large. No matter how popular you think your site … Continue reading

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What do i do with www.firefoxandgoogle.com? Firefox and Google

I own firefoxandgoogle.com. I registered it a few days after I found out that Google Adsense has a “Product Ad” for Firefox with a Google Toolbar. I was like, wtf?, this is great. Then I thought of registering firefoxandgoogle.com. To … Continue reading

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