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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Slides/Article to read and screencasts to watch.

From Matthew Weier O’Phinney: Zend Framework Workshop from DPC09: http://www.slideshare.net/weierophinney/zend-framework-workshop-dpc09 and Play-Doh: Modelling Your Objects: http://www.slideshare.net/weierophinney/playdoh-modelling-your-objects-1766001 or you can view this: http://mtadata.s3.amazonaws.com/webcasts/20090724-playdoh.wmv A screencast from Zendcasts.com about Unit Testing – http://www.zendcasts.com/unit-testing-with-the-zend-framework-with-zend_test-and-phpunit/2009/06/ and something from Pádraic Brady http://blog.astrumfutura.com/archives/411-Writing-A-Simple-Twitter-Client-Using-the-PHP-Zend-Frameworks-OAuth-Library-Zend_Oauth.html

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A Follow-up on the Zend Framework Quickstart Tutorial: The Model

The model is probably the most difficult to concept to grasp in MVC (Read Surviving The Deep End). This post is very rough and un-editted and is based on my experience. I have gone through the new Zend Framework Quickstart … Continue reading

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My email addresses and social networking accounts have been compromised. And Yahoo has a big security hole.

My email accounts in Yahoo and Gmail have been compromised. My twitter account was deleted. If you want to contact me, please use the email found in my Resume. Yahoomail secret questions are useless I have changed my security/secret questions … Continue reading

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Zend Framework: Creating your own view helpers

This short tutorial assumes that you are using Zend_Framework 1.8, the latest stable release as of this post. To learn more about View Helpers, the Zend Framework Manual as an entire page for it found here. First, you need to … Continue reading

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PHP: Using an object property with a dash

Earlier at home, I recently encountered this problem when I was using Zend_Service_Twitter to get the rateLimitStatus of API calls. One of the values returned by the successful API call contained a dash(-); I needed to do something like this … Continue reading

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Note to Self: PHP shipped on Mac OSX is broken and old

I had to learn the hard way. On my Mac I have MAMP installed. MAMP great piece of software that installs Apache, MySQL and PHP. It makes everything easy. As of this post, the PHP included in MAMP is PHP … Continue reading

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PHP: Using variables for calling object properties

I had a scenario at work today that need me to use a variable in an object and call it like I would when using keys in an array. Like when I have an array, I would do something like … Continue reading

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PHP: Get start and end dates of a week from date(‘W’)

First off, from the PHP.net Manual, the ‘W’ inside the date() function returns the week number for a year. Week ISO-8601 week number of year, weeks starting on Monday (added in PHP 4.1.0) Example: 42 (the 42nd week in the … Continue reading

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