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Monthly Archives: January 2009

jQuery: Find position the exact position of an element in the browser window

I used this to display a dynamically created Div beside the clicked element. var pos = $(’#button_id’).position(); alert("POSITION: nLeft: "+pos.left + "nTop: " + pos.top);

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Zend Framework: Quick and dirty skeletal setup – with MySQL as database

The version is: Zend Framework 1.7.x (.2 or .3 I forgot the exact release). This is the minimal version.  Basically, it is a basic setup of Zend Framework using the Quickstart Tutorial. But the difference is, instead of using SQLite, … Continue reading

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Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s posts on Models

Here are quick previews to Matthew’s posts on Zend Framework’s Models. First up is: Using Zend_Form in Your Models Many other frameworks tie the Model to data access — typically via the ActiveRecord pattern or a Table Data Gateway — … Continue reading

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