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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Zend Framework: How to use Zend_Paginator

Having a “search” functionality in your web application is very essential and for every search comes a “search results” page. It is not hard to create your own search results page with a pagination, but it does take a certain … Continue reading

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On using a CSS Framework – BlueprintCSS

A quick background check on BlueprintCSS: A CSS reset that eliminates the discrepancies across browsers. A solid grid that can support the most complex of layouts. Typography based on expert principles that predate the web. Form styles for great looking … Continue reading

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Zend Framework: SQL Injection Prevention from DPC Slides

I would never make it to any PHP Conference, so I would have to be satisfied by the replays and slides. I got these from the DPC slides found here (pdf). function query($sql, $bind = array()) – uses prepared statement … Continue reading

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Arrogance is Limiting Framework Adoption by Cal Evans

I rarely post articles like these. But this one will hit a spot on some developers. I personally think that arrogance is a dangerous trait for a programmer/developer. I would not want to work with someone who thinks so highly … Continue reading

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Zend Framework: Navigation and Breadcrumbs with an XML File in ZF 1.8

This is related to the Making the Built-in Breadcrumb Helper Work I posted earlier. Thanks to Jonathan Lebensold’s screencast, I am able to create my navigation and breadcrumbs in a better way. Using an XML file makes more sense than … Continue reading

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Creating and Registering your custom plugins in Zend Framework 1.8

When Zend Framework 1.8 was released, anyone could now setup a project within seconds using the zf Command Line Tool — see Quickstart Guide. A few days ago, I managed to setup a project using the new command line tools. … Continue reading

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Zend Framework Best Practices: Where to put the Zend Framework Source Code?

Very good question. Very good post. As quoted from Devzone: I was having a conversation with a client recently on the topic of best practices. He asked me: Where should I put the Zend Framework source code? This is an … Continue reading

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