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Zend Framework Best Practices: Where to put the Zend Framework Source Code?

Very good question. Very good post.

As quoted from Devzone:

I was having a conversation with a client recently on the topic of best practices. He asked me:

Where should I put the Zend Framework source code?

This is an excellent question that can not only be applied to Zend Framework, but to similar frameworks also. The question has in fact two answers in my opinion, which answer is right for you depends on how you answer this question.

Is Zend Framework part of your application or part of your PHP environment?
If your application or organization matches any of the following:

  • You have no control over the PHP environment your application will be installed into. For example you intend to distribute your application (e.g. Magento, phpMyAdmin).
  • Your development team has low communication with your IT department.
  • Once you’ve deployed your application you’re not going to touch it for long periods of time (common for consulting companies).

In these situations Zend Framework should be considered as a part of your application.

If you’re working on an application and organization where:

  • You do have control over the environment.
  • You are actively working on the application.
  • The IT department and the development team are in good sync.
  • You will want to make Zend Framework a part of your PHP environment.

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