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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Newline character “n” problems in a Javascript string + PHP

I have just spent an hour an a half trying to figure out why the newline character “n” caused an error in my Javascript. I am posting this because I have been unsuccessful in finding a solution to this problem. … Continue reading

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jQuery Tips

Got this from Reddit. Load the framework from Google Code Use data method and avoid storing data inside the DOM. Some developers have a habit of storing data in the HTML attributes Use Cheat Sheets Compress Javascript files Use Firebug … Continue reading

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Using Vim like an IDE

I have been looking for a good and lightweight text editor for some time already. I have tried Notepad++, SciTE and others but was not satisfied with any. Although I have been using Vi and Vim to edit files on … Continue reading

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jQuery: Setting defaults for Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Options in Selectboxes

I thought I should post this here. I always tend to look back at my old code wondering how I did these things. Handling radio buttons or checkboxes <input type="radio" name="print_memo" value="Yes"/> Yes <input type="radio" name="print_memo" value="No" /> No <script … Continue reading

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