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Monthly Archives: August 2009

WordPress: Get sub-pages / children of Page

I have been busy lately making some extra money doing side-jobs with WordPress. In WordPress, you will be able to create a “sub-page” by selecting a “Parent”. This tip is useful when you want to retrieve all the sub-pages. You … Continue reading

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MySQL: Doing calculations on dates excluding weekends

I recently had to calculate the amount of work done by an employee between a specific date range. My problem was that the calculation must exclude the weekends. I asked around (both Google and #mysql in IRC) and found out … Continue reading

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Unit Testing My Zend Framework Application

Okay, I have been getting into Unit Testing the past few days. With the help of Jon Lebensold’s screencast, I was able to jump right in quickly. Right now I am looking into creating Mock Objects for my tests. I … Continue reading

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