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Unable to update / upgrade anything in WordPress using Auto-Update

You are unable to upgrade automatically your WordPress installation. You are also not able to update your plugins. You have also tried everything to make your connection settings correct and it still does not work. The reason: Your PHP scripts … Continue reading

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Wordress: Using custom fields as key to sort queries with meta_query and meta_key

The example shows that I sort posts with custom field “Start Date”. I am using ‘meta_query’ to query the custom fields – you can find out more here. $args[’post_type’] = array(’ur_post’, ‘programs_post’, ‘education_post’, ‘blog_post’ ); $args[’meta_key’] = ‘Start Date’; $args[’meta_query’] … Continue reading

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WordPress: Multi-language translation for your theme

Although, there are more advanced multi-language plugins like qTranslate available, this post will deal with basic translations in your theme. Like for example, if you want to translate a “hard-coded” English strings in your theme. <h1>Programs</h1> … translated into French, … Continue reading

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WordPress: Post Types and Page Templates

Aside from the normal “Add Post” link in the WP-Admin Panel, you can add a custom post type. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Post_Types#Custom_Types. For example, if you want to add “Videos and Podcasts” as another post type, you put this in your functions.php … Continue reading

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WordPress: How to create a breadcrumb without using any plugins

A quick post for WordPress users. Go to your functions.php file. If it doesn’t exist, then create it. wp-content/themes/theme_name/functions.php Then add this inside the functions.php file. function the_breadcrumb($post_ancestors) { if (!is_home()) { echo ‘<a href="’; echo get_option(’home’); echo ‘">’; echo … Continue reading

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My free WordPress Theme: Warmth

I got bored and spent a few days creating a theme in WordPress. This is a quick release of the theme and I tested this in Firefox and Chrome. You can download it here. Nothing special except that I spent … Continue reading

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WordPress: Get sub-pages / children of Page

I have been busy lately making some extra money doing side-jobs with WordPress. In WordPress, you will be able to create a “sub-page” by selecting a “Parent”. This tip is useful when you want to retrieve all the sub-pages. You … Continue reading


This is a test post. WordPress 2.7 CPU usage is crazy!!!

Lorem Ipsum. WordPress is teh

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WordPress CPU Usage is crazy!

A few days ago, I my account was suspended. I am on a shared hosting and get about 300 unique visits a day. That is fairly a small amount of traffic to cause a problem on a shared hosting environment. … Continue reading


Why you should upgrade your WordPress to 2.7 RC

Not only that the admin side looks wayyyyy better, you can also Upgrade to the latest version automatically. Yep, no more downloading the latest release zip file. You do not have to unzip and choose which directory to upload. All … Continue reading

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