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Zend Framework Blog Application Example / Tutorial

This is useful to those who are trying to kick start a Zend Framework application.

Starting any new application is like walking into a shop and being dazzled by the displays. You want everything but finally realise you only have so much resources to spend. So you isolate the specifics you must have, and focus on those. That’s why I bought a Classic iPod, and not the much flashier iTouch (crap all storage anyway).

If we drill down the typical blog application we get a very short list of must-haves.

1. Authentication for Authors
2. Authorisation to create/edit/delete/read entries
3. Methods for adding new entries, and modifying them
4. Publishing entries as RSS and Atom
5. Permalinks unique for each entry (SEO friendly of course)
6. Commenting system
7. Spam detection for new comments
8. Perhaps, trackback detection

Click here for the entire post. I haven’t read the entire post yet – I just wanted to share it but I am assuming that it uses the new ZF1.5 stuff like Zend_Form and other cool features.

UPDATE: Here is the second part of the tutorial.

UPDATE2: Today (4-25-2008) Pádraic Brady just announced the link to his Subversion repository for the series of Zend Framework Blog Application Example. The SVN link is found here.

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4 Responses to Zend Framework Blog Application Example / Tutorial

  1. Wenbert says:

    Turns out that the post is a first part of a series of posts ^_^ I read without thinking…

  2. tahn says:

    Great post! Hi there! You are invited to to participate in a blogging FGD conducted by a team from dot ph domain (i.ph) . Tentative date would be April 29 (Tuesday) after office hours, around 630 onwards. FGD will last for approximately 2 hours. Snacks will be provided. Please leave a msg on my board so we can discuss details as to when you are free :) Thanks! :)

  3. I have developed an application to manage and organize knowledge based on topic maps with the Zend Framework: http://www.quesucede.com/page/show/id/polishedcode. The Zend Framework was both very productive and relatively easy to use.

  4. Zend Framework also provides a amazing level Model-View-Controller performance that can be used to identify a main structure for your Zend Framework applications

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