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Zend Framework: Zend_pdf Tutorial

Here is a snippet from Zend Developer Zone:

The Zend_Pdf component of the Zend Framework is intended to allow you to create or manipulate PDF documents from within your applications. In addition to its text handling capabilities, it comes complete with poweredby_zf_4lightbg.pngdrawing features that allow you to create or manipulate graphical primitives. When working with text Zend_Pdf gives you the option of using the built-in fonts or custom TrueType fonts. Its page manipulation capabilities allow you to create new pages, remove existing pages or change the order of pages already in the document. In this tutorial my goal is to give you an overview of the capabilities of Zend_Pdf.

It has details on:

  1. Creating a new pdf file using Zend_pdf
  2. Loading/opening an existing pdf file using Zend_pdf
  3. Adding pages to pdfs
  4. Saving the pdf document
  5. Text drawing
  6. Image drawing
  7. Coloring drawings
  8. Using styles
  9. Rotations
  10. and Clipping.

It is a very good tutorial. Click here.

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  1. Rajiva says:

    Nice post man. Thank’s for share.

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