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Zend Framework Book

I have been waiting for this. I’m sure that I will be buying a copy as soon as it is released. Written by Rob Allen and Nick Lo, the book will deal more on “real-world” applications. Manning – the publisher has an early access edition and you can read the first chapter (see bottom of this post for the links).

FYI, I had a few lines of chat with Rob Allen (Akrabat) in #zftalk! I was like: “Akrabat from akrabat.com?! /me bows”. I think anyone who started using Zend Framework just a few ago surely has read his excellent tutorial!

allen_cover150.jpgZend Framework in Action is a collaboration between myself and Nick Lo. We are still writing, but Chapter 1 is available for you to download and see where we are heading with the book. Manning has an early access program where you can get access to pre-production PDFs of each chapter if you can’t wait. As a bonus for signing up early, you get to tell us what’s wrong (and what’s right!) before the prose is committed to the printed page so we can fix it and you’ll get a better final book.

In order to set expectations, I should probably point out that Zend Framework in Action is a tutorial book intended to show how to use the components of the framework together within “real world” projects. Each component is dealt with in a “what is it?”, “why use it?”, “how do you use it?”, “let’s use it in the real world” manner. It’s not an advanced exposition of each component as that would take many books!

Click here for Akrabat’s Post.
Here for the book early access edition of the book.

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