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Arrogance is Limiting Framework Adoption by Cal Evans

I rarely post articles like these. But this one will hit a spot on some developers. I personally think that arrogance is a dangerous trait for a programmer/developer. I would not want to work with someone who thinks so highly of themselves. If I was to hire a guy for a team; between an inexperienced developer and a guy who claims he has 999 years of experience and thinks that he is Galactus of PHP, then I would pick the first one.

Here is the article from Cal Evans.

Developers are notoriously self-confident in their ability to write code that is better, faster, cleaner and better-smelling than everybody else’s. In today’s environment, however, the focus is on producing immediately useful code—and, given the richness of today’s frameworks, those who eschew them in favour of home-grown solutions are forever running the risk of reinventing the wheel for no good reason. We have enough wheels—start building some cars.

“…Frameworks! I don’t need no stickin’ PHP Frameworks!!!” – anonymous twitterer

It is a good read.

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One Response to Arrogance is Limiting Framework Adoption by Cal Evans

  1. Yeah, you are totally right on this man.
    Another thing that it ain’t cool, is working with those developers, that’s pita.
    But, a good thing of this, is watching them fail, fall from the highest point of their egos to the rock solid bottom. That’s priceless. :D

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