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SXC Newsletter: The First Issue

I just go the first issue of the SXC Newsletter. Real nice. First, they introduced thesaint, a web designer from South Africa. I have downloaded some of his photos and they are really good.

Here is what they said about him: thesaint (a.k.a Matthew Bowden) is a web designer from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa who loves snapping pictures of just about anything with his Canon EOS 20D. His images on sxc.hu receive more downloads and comments than just about any other members’. Best of all, his images have no restictions, so help yourself!

The newsletter also includes:

the latest news from SXC

a couple of very handy tips & tricks for photography

Using Flash: When you use the flash, results are usually ugly. Here are some quick and handy tips to improve your flash photography.

Controlling Depth of Field with Lens Blur in Photoshop: his article provides a realistic way to simulate depth-of-field after a picture is taken.

How to correct exposures quickly,

and preventing data corruption in flash memory cards

            Did you know that we have a new and simple blog engine on SXC which is perfect for writing tutorials and such? Just go to My account / Blog and try it out! The best posts will get featured on the site and in the newsletter as well and the author of the very best one wins a 1GB iPod Shuffle!

          And a couple of SXC Favorites.

          If you haven’t signed up for an account in SXC, then do not hesitate to sign-up now!

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