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I’m a Yahoo! Power Mailer!

When I logged in today, I found this:

Pretty cool. I can now send up to 20MB! Anyways, here are the details:

What is the Power User program?

As one of the few in our Power User program, you can take advantage of some new, complimentary features that we’ve added to your Mail account. It’s our way of saying thanks for being such a loyal user.
What new features do Power Users receive?

* 20MB message capacity. Share more photos and send larger emails with this big boost to your email size limit.
* 24/7 live support online. Get faster answers with real-time support from our customer care team.
* Priority email support. Shoot us an email, and your premium status will move you up in the queue.

How do users qualify for the program?

Power Users are the heaviest and most frequent users of Yahoo! Mail and were selected by Yahoo! to participate in this pilot program. These users spend an incredible amount of time using Yahoo! Mail, so the Power User program is our way of thanking them.

How do I know if I’m a Power User?

Power Users who have opted in to receive communications from Yahoo! will receive an email welcoming them to the program.
Can Power User status expire?

The Power User program is a pilot program and access to these features is available for a limited period of time. Yahoo! may discontinue the program or one’s status as a Power User at any time and without notice. Also, Power User status will automatically end when an account expires or is terminated.

Does the Power User program replace Yahoo! Mail Plus?

No, the Power User program lacks many of the advantages of Yahoo! Mail Plus, such as the absence of graphical ads, POP access, SpamGuard Plus, AddressGuard, stationery, phone support, and no account expiration.

I have been using the same email address since I can remember – way back in the 2MB then 4MB mailbox limits. Hehe.

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One Response to I’m a Yahoo! Power Mailer!

  1. admin says:

    I forgot to include in my original post about my complaint regarding the new Yahoomail search. The thing is, I hate it (period). I have like 999999 emails in my Inbox and other folders but it won’t allow me to search each folder. It just searches everything. I spent almost an hour looking for “Advanced Search” but I couldn’t find any. I wish Yahoo would put more options in searching emails.

    Yahoomail rocks and I still love it over-all. Although a couple of spam emails get through their filters, the number in my Yahoomail Inbox is still considerably lower than that of my Gmail Account and my own POP Account (see starcraftdomain.com – i was stupid to put the email there publicly).

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