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Get Difference Between 2 Dates Using PHP

Here is how to get the difference between two dates in PHP.

public static function toTimestamp($date){
    return mktime($arrayDate['hour'],$arrayDate['minute'],$arrayDate['second'],$arrayDate['month'],$arrayDate['day'],$arrayDate['year']);
public static function dateDiff($date1,$date2,$unit='HOUR'){
        case 'WEEK':return $secs/60/60/24/7; break;
        case 'DAY':return $secs/60/60/24; break;
        case 'HOUR':return $secs/60/60; break;
        case 'MINUTE':return $secs/60; break;
        case 'SECOND':return $secs; break;
        default:return $secs/60/60; break;



The static function example above is from an MVC Framework. But you can edit it the sample code to fit your needs.
This tutorial is documented here.

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