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Zend Framework and Dojo Javascript Toolkit Partners

This has been out like crazy in the PHP Community. All my RSS Feeds for PHP have like 2 or 3 links related to the ZF and Dojo partnership so you have probably heard of this post.

I have known about Dojo a few years back before MVC frameworks were going mainstream. I think Dojo was theĀ  obvious choice for the Zend Framework Team. Dojo is very mature and it has lots of components. I have no idea how bloated it is though. Personally, I would have selected jQuery because I use it :P and second, I love it’s small size and functionality. It is about time is tag along with the others and start using Dojo too :D

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2 Responses to Zend Framework and Dojo Javascript Toolkit Partners

  1. I agree, JQuery is nice with Zend Framework, in my last blog post I posted about this. I find that I can return views to multiple DIV’s on the JQuery return from ZF controller.
    I can return Javascript data via JSON and also the HTML.. I think I will stick with JQuery and ZF.

  2. Wenbert says:

    @Philip Andrew: Yeah me too. I am so used to using jQuery that I find it hard (ahem almost impossible) to code using core Javascript. (*sigh* sad but true). :)

    In my spare time though, I plan to dabble around with Dojo.

    Have you tried using Dojo and jQuery at the same time? I wonder if there would be “conflicts” etc… Just curious if someone has actually done this.

    BTW, checked your blog :) I love HongKong and I want to go there again!

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