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Morph Exchange to offer PHP

Morph Exchange brought by Mor.ph is “Software as a Service” company that provides applications spaces/platforms for Ruby on Rails and just recently Java. A few weeks back, I emailed them if they have support for PHP. And guess what, they have plans. But they did not give me a specific time when the release date will be — no month, no date, no year — they just said that they will.

But my sources tell me that Morph will release PHP support early next year. Next year is such a long wait! They better come up with PHP support faster or else (*ahem* maybe)  Heroku will beat them to it. PHP has such a wide user-base that whoever comes up with something for it like RoR appspaces in Morph will have lots of users jumping into their band-wagon. Most advanced PHP developers are not satisfied with shared-hosting shit. We want appspaces and SVN. Manual FTP upload is dead.

More info on Mor.ph

UPDATE: As of November 18, 2008, Morph now has PHP Support!!! Click here for the annoucement.

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3 Responses to Morph Exchange to offer PHP

  1. friarminor says:


    Thanks for the interest. We’d definitely be cranking our R&D to come up with Morph Appspace for PHP. Do visit the site often for updates. You’ll never know but we might just spring a surprise.


  2. Wenbert says:

    HI alain,

    Thanks for the reply. Once in a while I checkout the Morph site and blogs. ^_^

  3. Wenbert says:

    As of November 18, 2008 Morph now supports PHP. See http://www.mor.ph/latest_news/display_content?id=77

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