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Using Zend Framework for a CMS

I have just completed (well almost – but it is now fully functional) my CMS (Content Managment System) using the Zend Framework. I’m calling it “Hamburger” – after the current project I am working on, WorldsGreatestHamburgers.com. I am excited to release this publicly, but I am still working on the Categories and User Management. For now, you can get a preview of the CMS here.

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6 Responses to Using Zend Framework for a CMS

  1. Michael says:

    Any chance your ready to release your CMS yet? I would love to get a look at it and see how your doing things.


  2. Wenbert says:

    This post is over a year old. I have no plans of releasing it as Open Source anymore. I have realized that it would be more economical on my time and effort to use Joomla instead.

  3. Michael says:

    Wow, apparently I did not see the time limit on responding to blog posts, sorry I bothered you, I will not happen again as I will be sure not to read your blog anymore.


  4. Wenbert says:

    Hi Michael. Sorry if the previous post offended you. I did not intend to do that…

  5. Razorblade says:

    I have a couple of questions for you, did you managed hierarchical table structure in your cms? If yes, is there any post where you explain it? Thank you

  6. Wenbert says:

    @Razorblade, what do you mean by hierarchical structure? Do you mean the directory structure of Zend Framework or the database schema/structure for the content?

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