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Macbook Pro Temperature

My Macbook Pro runs at approximately 46 C to 52 C (when the load is high) on day time. The normal room temperature here in the Philippines is about 29 C to 31 C, so it is fairly acceptable to have it running at 46 C.

I think the Apple designed these notebooks for colder climates. The default minimum fan speed is 1000RPM. That way too slow if you live near the equator. I had to download smcFan Control. It is a great piece of simple software. Basically, what it does is that it lets you control your default fan speed. I want to stress out that I feel very safe using this; since it only allows you to set the MINIMUM fan speed.

Other than the temperature, I have no complaints. It runs so fast and without any hitches that it makes you forget about how hot it runs :)

smcFan Control.png

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