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Useful Mac OS shortcuts

Okay, I am just going to copy-paste a post from another website and then just credit the author here. ⌘ = Command, the most common modifier. ⌥ = Option or Alt. ⇧ = Shift ^ = Control. Not used as … Continue reading

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Visor: A Quake-like / Counterstrike-like console for the Mac

This is probably one of the coolest applications/plugin I have installed on my Mac. It brings out a Quake-like console that comes down from the top of your screen. Talking about convenience! I never liked the Widget Term – takes … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Leopard. Arriving October 26th. OFFICIALY!

I popped out my Safari and then there is was – the Apple homepage with a huge black image and a letter X in the middle. Behind the X is some sort of timeline-thingy effect. This will be the longest … Continue reading

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100 Open Source Useful Mac Apps

Found here. A good list. I already have the essentials installed on my machine. Stuff like VLC, Firefox and Colloquy. But when I get home, I am going to download the following: Tofu iPodDisk Aurora Sixty Force Nestopia iEatBrainz KisMac

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My Sister’s iPod Got Stolen

My sister had her iPod stolen the other day. It was brand new! A bluish-thingy 8-Gig Nano! I was searching around if there was a way to disable it by reporting to Apple that the serial number was stolen but … Continue reading

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New version of iStat Pro Released!

iStat Pro is one of the best system monitoring tools I have found for Macs. Yeah I know, why use it when MacOS X has the Activity Monitor. But I use it because it looks better and it has this … Continue reading

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Apple releases new iPod Touch and new versions of Nano

Apple has release a new iPod called iPod Touch. It has Wi-Fi and a touch screen just like the iPhone! And the new iPod Nano can now play videos! Click here for the iPod Touch Specs.  And here for Apple.com

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New iMac

Apple just released their new iMac. It’s thinner and faster. The backside is black! And it has a black lining along the screen that makes it look cooler than the previous models. The keyboard is making me jealous. “Completely redesigned, … Continue reading

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Adium X 1.0 just released

The annoying little green duck is now on its 1.o release. For those of you who are not familiar with Adium, it is a free Instant Messaging client for Mac OS that can connect to almost all the networks like … Continue reading

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First Person Shooter for a Mac. It’s Free.

I am new to Mac and I wanted to test out my Macbook Pro. It has 256 MB Video Card! Try Cube Action. It is an online FPS. Has similarities to Counterstrike. Best of all, it is free. Legally as … Continue reading

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