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Thank God it’s Friday, greener pastures and the Philippine Stock Market

Yesss! Friday. I love Fridays. I want to play The Cure’s, Friday I’m In Love song but I am listening to SSS on SomaFM right now. :P I have been very busy this week. I literally work from 930AM-630PM (at the office) and then at 730PM-1AM (at home). So that is 9 hours plus 5/6 hours. I need the extra income from the sidework. Gas prices are insanely high — they are still increasing it as of now. At a daily rate without letting us know. When you fill your tank today, then you fill it again tomorrow, the price won’t be the same.

I am planning to apply for a new job today. I will be making my resume — the first time 2 years. The company is just a couple of meters away from home. I can save more on the gas and food :D I have heard a lot of good things about this Focus. Real good stuff. Enough to convince me — and I’m hard as rock. hehe! I am very optimistic about this new job oppurtunity. I still feel good about my current job. EMSSI has been real good. But the thought of money always moves everyone — even someone like me ;P

Now for the good news. Yes, good news. You heard me right. Even though we live in this god-forsaken country, good news still pops out every now and then. The Philippine Stock Market is doing realy well these days. Yey! When you go to Yehey.com/Finance, you will see that most of the stocks are green. Hurray for President Arroyo. The oppisition can kiss her presidential ass on this.

Headlines say that the stock market’s performance this month/year or something, is the best in 7 years! 7 Years ago, the dot-com bubble bursted and scandals plague the Philippine Stocks Exchange — thanks a lot BW for ruining our lives. May god have mercy on your soul and may you burn in hell for all eternity.

Let’s pray that this trend goes on for the sake of our country and our economy.

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