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Meet my new text editor, Gedit (like Textmate for Linux)

I have new text editor for my Ubuntu box. Meet Gedit. For Ubuntu users, you can use your Synaptic Package Manager to install it.

Gedit itself at start is very basic and bare. So, I have come up with the best (*SEO-thingy* :P) and most useful plugins that I am using right now:

  1. Advanced Bookmarks Useful for long code. Allows you to have a Bookmark Manager.
  2. Bracket Completion
  3. Code Comment
  4. Color Picker
  5. Edit Shortcuts
  6. Embedded Termimal
  7. File Browser Pane Very sweet. You can create a “Bookmark” to your FTP server and browse your remote directories with gedit.
  8. FTP Browser
  9. Line Tools Allows you to duplicate lines, remove a line, etc.
  10. CMYK Project Manager Useful for local projects. But this one does not allow you to create a project using an FTP Bookmark. Textmate-like.

To install the plugins, just extract the files in this directory:


Gedit also has very nice themes. Here is what my gedit looks like:

Now that looks very sweet for a free editor.

* To create a “Bookmark” go to “Places > Connect to server…”, then enter the host and location of your remote directories.

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