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Ekini Edit: A gEdit Scheme / Vim Scheme that is dark and suitable for low-light conditions

A dark scheme with reduced glare and improved readability. The scheme is called Ekini Edit, it is based on the Zendburn and Thankful Eyes.

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Click here to download.

How to install:

  1. Edit
  2. Preferences
  3. Fonts & Colors
  4. Add ekini_edit.xml


My brother just ported this to Vim. It can be found here: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3159

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8 Responses to Ekini Edit: A gEdit Scheme / Vim Scheme that is dark and suitable for low-light conditions

  1. My problem is the opposite as often both the terminal and gedit are unreadable because of the light that come from the eastern window. Have you any suggestions on a color scheme? :)

  2. Wenbert says:

    I haven’t had that problem here at work. You can try to experiment between a dark scheme (like the one above) and a light scheme for gedit.

  3. nice scheme. port to Vim?

  4. Boosis says:

    Hi wenbert,

    Nice scheme. Do you have same for netbeans as well?


  5. Wenbert says:

    Hi Boosis,

    I’m sorry I do not have this scheme for netbeans. I have not tried using netbeans yet. If ever I get my hands on it, I will certainly be creating a port for this scheme for netbeans since I always code with a dark background.

    @John, sorry brother, no port for Vim now. Just download Zendburn. This scheme is based on it.


  6. Brian says:

    Thanks, I love the color scheme! I’ll have to port this over to vim at some point. :)

  7. Wenbert says:

    @Brian, you should! :D My brother is looking for one ;)

  8. Ichimonji10 says:

    Thanks for this. I was pretty bummed when I went to download Thankful Eyes and found out that the website it was hosted on no longer existed. This is exactly the sort of theme I’ve been wanting for a while now.

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