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Zend Framework 1.8 Preview Release

It is probably all over the news now. Matthew just announced that ZF1.8 Preview Release over at twitter then at his blog. I am excited to test out Zend_Tool — probably in a few weeks time since I have new project coming up ;-) About damn time! I have been dormant for almost a month fixing code that does not belong to me.

The argument is that ZF does not provide the “assumptions” or opinions on how an application should be built. However, this makes sense only if you buy into the idea that a framework should always follow the “convention over configuration” rule — which we soundly reject with Zend Framework. Our opinion has always been that developers know best how their application should be built, and that ZF code should support the myriad uses to which they will put it.

That said, with the addition of Zend_Application and Zend_Tool, Zend Framework now provides a comprehensive framework for its users that is opinionated and provides the flexibility for developers to impose whatever structure they need.

Zend_Tool provides a tooling framework for Zend Framework. It allows you to create your own tooling providers that can then be utilized by tooling clients, which utilize an RPC style architecture. We now ship a Console or command line interface (CLI) client that allows you to perform a variety of tasks — such as setting up your initial project structure, adding new resources to a project, adding action methods and view scripts to controllers, and more.

Anyway, here is the link to Matthew’s blog. yippiekayay!!!

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