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Twitter moving away from Ruby on Rails

This may be a rumor but Techcrunch is reporting that Twitter is abandoning Ruby on Rails due to scalability issues. I have read a few articles a while back about people having problems with Ruby on Rails. That is why I was hesitant to use Ruby on Rails on some of my web applications (at work). I was hesitant so therefore never got to learn it either :(.

Personally, I think the best bet for Twitter would be PHP. I would trust my life with PHP especially with scalability issues. Techcrunch also mentioned Java, but I doubt Java would work for them. Remember Friendster a few years back? It had a .jsp extension in the URL and it was almost unusable. It was dead slow.

The developers of Twitter can write a clone within a day and no one would notice it. They should use the Zend Framework :P Anyways, PHP is FTW!

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3 Responses to Twitter moving away from Ruby on Rails

  1. Luke Randall says:

    Although TechCrunch reported this, Evan Williams (founder of Obvious, owners of Twitter) denied this:


  2. jong says:

    whew….!!.. how can you comment on RoR when you haven’t tested it…. the issue before was connecting RoR with Oracle, is a problem that was 2 years ago.. but now… I am smiling… you’re using old programming langguge dude…

  3. Wenbert says:

    @jong i have nothing against RoR :P it’s just that this: http://www.identi.ca – a twitter clone feels faster than the original twitter. this post was from March :P

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