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Best Flash Games

Here is list:

Zwingo 12/10/07 fast Swing the ball to protect the base. Nicely designed.
Laser and Bubbles 12/07/07 fast Unique and fun: pop bubbles with lasers. (Thanks, jay)
Funny Farm 12/05/07 long Ingenious word-association puzzle.
Chat Noir 11/30/07 fast Simple – but not easy – puzzle of hemming in an escaping kitteh. (thanks, bb)
Touch the Bubbles 2 11/30/07 fast Very nicely designed music puzzle. (Thanks, jay)
OrbBlaster 11/28/07 fast Excellent shootemup… shades of Asteroids and Red, and new elements, in this outstanding design.
Speedtest 11/26/07 fast Nicely designed typing test, in one minute. I got 101 correct, 0 wrong (without a bit lever).
Picto 11/19/07 fast Very clever memory game: just click the new thing. (thanks, IN)
Age of War 11/17/07 fast Evolve through several technological ages to defeat the enemy. (Thanks, jay)
Treasure Box 11/14/07 varies Clever and beautiful little adventure. (thanks, MUG)
Click Maze 2 11/09/07 fast Click the dot through the maze; a bit like mini golf. Fun. (Thanks, jay)
N3wton 11/09/07 varies Sumo-wrestling tanks! Nicely designed. (Thanks, jay)
Mr. Mothball 2 11/09/07 fast Very clever take on the shootemup genre. Friendly and cute; too much clicking, though. Space bar, please! (Thanks, jay)
Treasure of Cutlass Reef 11/02/07 fast Simple game of sailing ship combat. Nicely done. (Thanks, jay)
Know Your World? 10/31/07 fast Very nicely designed geography quiz.
Indestruct 2 Tank 10/29/07 fast Clever game where you try to get hit by the baddies.
Word Shoot 10/24/07 fast Way more fun than a typing tutor. Shoot the advancing words! (In Qwerty or Dvorak, covered in my book).
PuzzPinball 10/23/07 fast Design a pinball level to solve each puzzle. Really nice. (Thanks, jay)
Factory Balls 10/22/07 fast Outstanding puzzle game: clever, fun, and unique.
50 States in 10 Minutes 10/17/07 fast Very simply: can you name them all? (Thanks, Jonathan)
Free Rice 10/16/07 fast Vocabulary game that donates rice upon a correct answer. Cleverly sets the difficulty level (I got to 45).
Launchball 10/15/07 fast Fun science-museum-type puzzles. Great visual and sound design. (Thanks, jay) momi12agma
Library 10/13/07 fast Still in a rough “beta” version, but unique and fun: choose the best source for library patrons’ queries.
Tanks V2 10/12/07 fast Tanks shoot it out – a bit like the old “Worms 2″ game.
Hotcorn 10/02/07 fast Pop the corn. You’re the sun. Some hard levels, but fun. (Thanks, jay)
Ramps 09/19/07 fast Elegant and fun. Position the ramps to guide the sphere safely. (Thanks, jay) mallorylikespolkadots
Sproing 09/14/07 fast Clever & elegant: not a shootemup but a “whipemup.” I don’t get Level 6, though. (Thanks, jay)
Grow Island 09/13/07 fast Yet another must-play in the Grow series. (Thanks, jay)
Escape the room games 09/01/07 long List of “escape the room” games. Click around to find and use objects and solve the puzzle.
Mindfields 2204 08/29/07 varies Neat tank puzzle game, reminiscent of the German cow game. (Thanks, Ralp H) KALU
Zeta Flow 08/27/07 fast Nicely designed abstract shootemup. (Thanks, jay)
Dolphin Olympics 2 08/27/07 fast New & improved version of the great Dolphin Olympics, listed here a year ago. Play this! (Thanks, jay)
Adventures of Alex 08/24/07 fast A game with cute overload. Avoid those mean clouds and get the happy hearts and gold coins. (Thanks, jay)
Bombay Taxi 08/21/07 fast Fun with parallel parking.
Thor Towers 08/10/07 fast Build a tower with space bar only. Elegant. (Thanks, jay)
Boxhead More Rooms 08/06/07 varies Sequel to Boxhead Rooms – more rooms, weapons, and baddies.
Cat with Bow Golf 08/03/07 fast Shoot the arrow (cat hanging on happily) toward the bulls-eye. Cute.
Space Pilot 07/29/07 fast Nice twist on Asteroids – just move, never shoot. (Thanks, jay)
Boxhead Rooms 07/27/07 varies Shoot the zombies. (Thanks, Matt.) P.S. Here’s a possible theme song for the game by my friend Andrew.
Bound Bear 07/14/07 fast Clever, unique bear-head-throwing game. (Thanks, jay)
Bomb Wars 07/13/07 fast Great replay of Tron Deadly Discs, one of my arcade favs from 80s. (Thanks, jay)
50 States v2 07/13/07 fast Place the fifty states on a map. (Thanks, jay)
Bloxorz 07/06/07 fast Clever 3-D block-movement puzzle. (thanks, jj) 028431
Rat Maze 2 07/01/07 varies Just explore the look-and-feel of this retro game… much like Adventure, the old Atari 2600 game from a quarter-century ago. (Thanks, jay)
LightSprites 07/01/07 fast Fun game with a cute-bizarre Nintendo feel. Drag and throw the colored balls to grow happy humanoids. (Thanks, jay)
Door to Door 06/15/07 fast Cute version of Concentration, especially for kids. (Thanks, April)
Amberial 06/13/07 varies Great design. Navigate the ball with left and right arrows only. (Thanks, jay)
Shuffle 06/02/07 fast Simple, fast, and fun billiards-style game.
Castle Draw 05/30/07 fast Draw rocks to drop onto invaders. Don’t miss the Shop menu on the right. (Thanks, jay)
Crazy Mammoths 05/25/07 fast Neat space bar-only game. Jump your mammoth at the right moment to win.
Artillery Live 05/22/07 fast Nice scaled-down artillery game. Simple multiplayer game – good work. (Thanks, jay)
Hoshi Saga 05/22/07 fast Inventive – find a way to uncover the star in each level. (Thanks, jay)
RGB 05/22/07 fast Shoot the colored targets. Simple & fun. (Thanks, jay)
Crazy Ladybugs 05/18/07 fast Elegant and fun one-click game: bring the ladybugs together. (thanks, bb)
Red Team 05/12/07 fast Navigate two characters separately and simultaneously. Fun. (Thanks, jay) different
game, game and again game 05/12/07 varies Worth trying because it’s so unique… abstract poetry in the form of a video game. Don’t try to make sense of it, but do try it. (Thanks, jay)
Ignition 05/12/07 fast Stylish, elegant, and quick driving game. Nicely done! (Thanks, jay)
Dodge 05/04/07 fast Dodge the red balls. So simple… for a few levels.
Angry Faic 04/29/07 fast Bounce your angry Pac-Man onto color-coded balls. Fun. (Thanks, jay)
Rapture Capture 04/17/07 fast Unique shootemup, or perhaps a “whipemup” – inventive mouse-only interface. (Thanks, jay)
Cannon Bods 04/12/07 fast Cute, fun game with pirates and cannons. (Thanks, jay)
Rhythm 04/03/07 fast Very inventive. A mouse, a pentagon, and some insipiration from Dance Dance Revolution… (thanks, AudioElf)
Fulfillment 04/03/07 fast Fun block-fitting game, like a static version of Tetris. (thanks, AudioElf)
Ellipsis 04/02/07 fast Nicely executed, simple mouse-clicking game. Like Asteroids without the aim.
Bloons 03/29/07 fast Fun balloon-popping game.
Boomshine 03/27/07 fast Set off a chain reaction – like Chaos Theory but better graphics and sound. Fun.
Desktop TD 03/20/07 fast Cuter, more addictive version of the other TD games. See WSJ profile of the creator from June 20, 2007. (thanks, kottke)
Flash Circle TD 03/20/07 varies Great followup to Flash Element TD – even better. Caution: addicting. (Thanks, jay)
Formation 03/08/07 fast Elegant avoid-the-dots game. Nicely done. (Thanks, jay)
Orange 03/08/07 fast Followup to the outstanding Red. Nice visuals and sound, and decent game play, but too much mouse clicking. (Thanks, jay)
Glassez 03/02/07 fast Cute game of filling a puzzle with geometric pieces. Too much clicking, though. (Thanks, jay)
Rings and Sticks 03/02/07 fast Clever puzzle game: grow the tree branches through the rings. (Thanks, jay)
Nests of Moai 02/21/07 fast Quick fun: mouse over 100 Easter Island heads each level. (Thanks, jay)
Phoboris 02/21/07 fast Neat. Clear the grid bugs by bouncing the frisbee-thing around. (Thanks, jay)
FoolYoo 02/16/07 fast Cute samurai game: cut up the baddies (and veggies – refer to this). (Thanks, jay)
Attractors 02/02/07 fast Fun gravity toy. You can drag the platforms and gravity sources.
Castle Smasher 02/01/07 fast Well-designed, fun catapult game.
Stick Remover 01/25/07 fast Click to remove sticks without destroying the structure. (Thanks, jay)
Flash Element TD 01/19/07 fast Set up towers to shoot incoming waves of monsters. Good stuff. (Thanks, joanne)
Catch Thirty-three 01/17/07 fast Mouse over the digits in sequence. Quick and elegant. (Thanks, Matt)
The Python Challenge 01/10/07 long “The first programming riddle on the net.” Geeky fun.
Valo 01/01/07 fast Elegant and simple, with nice music. (Thanks, jay)
Motherload 12/27/06 long Mine the earth for minerals and money. (Thanks, kottke) (original URL)
Mini Golf 12/27/06 fast Nicely done mini-golf game. (Thanks, kottke)
BowMaster Prelude 12/14/06 varies Defend the castle by shooting arrows. Excellent. (Thanks, jay)
Grow v.1 12/12/06 fast A quick but welcome addition to the outstanding Grow series. (Thanks, jay)
Mission in Snowdriftland 12/09/06 varies Great winter-themed game, much ilke Mario World. (Thanks, jay)
Winterbells 12/07/06 fast Fun holiday game with a jumping bunny. (Thanks, jay)
Kumo Neko 11/28/06 fast Swing the cat onto the diamonds. Elegant. (Thanks, jay)
Jungle Crash Land 11/28/06 fast Drop bombs to clear the runway before you land.
Games for toddlers 11/25/06 fast List of sites that link to games appropriate for toddlers. (Thanks, jay)
neko-juppiki 11/22/06 fast Guide the kittens to safety, like lemmings, by clicking on arrows. (Thanks, jay)
Snake 11/19/06 fast Elegant – just left and right arrows. Here a lifelike snake eats mice. (Note: Minor blood and gore.)
WEBoggle 11/16/06 fast Nicely implemented Web-based Boggle. (Thanks, JA)
Missile Game 3D 11/16/06 fast Use the mouse to pilot through the tunnel. Elegant.
Crossword 11/15/06 fast Good crossword game with no clues. (Thanks, jay)
Paths 11/15/06 fast Clever drawing game: draw the path, hit the space bar, and move the obstacles. (Thanks, jay)
Double Wires 11/09/06 fast Swing the stick figure, Tarzan-like. (Thanks, jay)
Commander Keen 11/09/06 long An old side-scroller now online. A lot like Mario World.
20Q 11/08/06 fast This game of Twenty Questions has been online for awhile, learning (as a neural network) from user input and becoming surprisingly smart. Try it and see.
Geography Challenge 11/08/06 fast Nicely done geography quiz.
Globulos 11/07/06 fast Fantastic set of multi-player games featuring yellow and red bouncing balls. Games this good are rare online. (Note: All the games are kid-friendly but there is always a chat window visible, allowing other players to type uncensored messages.)
Lander 11/06/06 fast Quick three-level lunar lander game. Fun.
Paper-and-pen games 11/06/06 varies List of offline games, like Other Foot, that require only pen and paper. Great for parties.
Line Rider 11/03/06 fast Draw your own track for the sled to ride on. Then watch this video, and this, to see what others have done. (Thanks, kottke)
Four Second Firestorm 11/03/06 fast Another four-second minigame medley, like Frenzy and Fury before it. (Thanks, jay)
Jinx 10/26/06 fast Fun kid-friendly adventure game themed for Halloween. This is Part 1, and when you’re done, try Part 2. (Thanks, jay)
Pixel Blaster 10/26/06 fast Outstanding shootemup except that you have to click to fire. Space bar, please! Be nice to wrists. (Thanks, jay)
Pod Panic 10/25/06 fast Nicely done, creative update of Asteroids. (Thanks, jay)
Air Monkey 10/21/06 fast Cute one-button game. Click the mouse to jump onto successive ropes.
Battleships 10/20/06 fast Good implementation of the classic board game Battleship. Note that you can only play the computer. (Thanks, jay)
Snake Classic 10/20/06 fast Well done update of this classic game. Don’t eat your tail! (Thanks, jay)
Opniyama 10/11/06 fast A bit like Fly Guy – a cute, fun world to explore. (Thanks, MUG)
Ollie’s Dance Experience 10/10/06 fast A keyboard version of Dance Dance Revolution.
Neon 2 10/06/06 fast Fun shootemup. A bit like Asteroids in the vector-art world of Tempest. (Thanks, jay)
Red 10/02/06 fast Fantastic update of Missile Command. Concept, graphics, music, game play are all excellent. (Thanks, jay)
RaidenX 09/26/06 fast Nice homage to the 1980s top-scrolling shooter.
Roly Poly 09/21/06 fast Inventive interface: move the board, not the character, to finish the level.
Warthog Launch 09/20/06 fast Launch the jeep in the air to get the floating baddies. Fun. (Thanks, jay)
Panic 09/19/06 fast Great shootemup. Trick is to shoot the baddies while as high up as possible. (Thanks, jay)
Fly Guy 09/19/06 fast A very old one, in Internet years, but still good. A friendly little world to explore.
Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures 09/19/06 fast Cute bear throws snowballs at baddies. (Thanks, jay)
White Jigsaw 09/14/06 fast Jigsaw puzzles with an especially clean and simple interface. Starts easy and builds up. (Thanks, jay)
Cosmic Encounter 09/14/06 varies Nice online version of the classic board game. Complex, but fun, once you know the rules. Click “Play as Guest” to avoid registration.
Hyper Sphere 09/11/06 fast Sort of a 2-D version of the 80s classic Marble Madness.
Fingerbilliard 09/08/06 fast Fun Flash game of pool. From the home page, choose Toys, then “fingerbillard” [sic].
Digg Games 08/26/06 fast (List) A couple dozen quick Flash games that have been featured on the home page of Digg.
Board Dots 08/25/06 varies Elegant and difficult puzzle – click around in the grid and you’ll get it. You have to fill all the squares.
Super Smash Flash 08/24/06 fast An imperfect but spirited attempt at recreating the Nintendo über-classic for online play. (The regular Super Smash Brothers is, I believe, the best multiplayer console game ever created.)
Flow 08/21/06 varies Outstanding. Explore a strange aquatic world. Mysterious and soothing. (Thanks, all who recommended.)
Tube Racer 08/21/06 fast Dizzying game of navigating a series of tubes – that is, the Internet. Just use the arrow keys.
Tama 08/20/06 fast Neat ball-tossing game. Land in red or blue, avoid black. (Thanks, jay)
Happy Flower Music Time 08/18/06 fast The old handheld game Simon (mimicking tunes) on animated flower petals. Cute. (Thanks, jay)
Mystery of Castle Wildenburg 08/18/06 long Nice point-and-click adventure game with photographic backgrounds. (Thanks, jay) inits0818
Pac-Xon 08/17/06 fast A cross between Pac-Man and Qix – very nice.
Toon Crisis 08/17/06 fast Shootemup set on the streets of London.
Runes of Shalak 08/17/06 varies Old-school graphics and music make for a fun Lode Runner-type game. H58K9
Dolphin Olympics 08/16/06 fast Outstanding. Elegant and fun – just use the arrow keys. Play! (Thanks, jay)
Tilt 08/16/06 fast Elegant. Use the mouse to keep the toy balanced.
Guess the Place 08/15/06 fast Guess the city or country from a photo or part of a map.
Insane Orb 08/15/06 fast Outstanding update of Pong. The space bar can shoot the puck. Watch for a 80s arcade celebrity sighting.
Bullet Bill 08/15/06 fast Very fast side-scroller where you play the bullet in the Mario games. Cute. (Thanks, jay) Q3TH6
Four Second Frenzy 08/14/06 fast Another mini-game medley; the sequel to Four Second Fury listed earlier.
Sudoku 08/14/06 varies The standard, except that here you can click the “New” link to instantly generate a new puzzle.

The source has the complete list.

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