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ALA: The Creative Process

I found this article in A List Apart. I praise the author for writing it and personally, I think that anyone who is planning to hire someone to do work on a design/graphic should read it. At least it would save us (artists?) a lot of time and hassles to explain everything. :) I firmly believe that no one can rush anyone on the creative process. Let artists be artists. After all, art is what separates us from animals.

Creativity and innovation are constantly pushing us forward. I’m talking about scientific breakthroughs like cream cheese, groundbreaking new philosophies: “I procrastinate therefore I’m lazy,” and seedless water melons. But ask a friend to think up something creative on the spot and he’ll look like he ate a bowl of ice cream in a hurry. It’s indeed an elusive process. Creativity and ideas don’t come on command, they seem to spring up when we least expect it — like a rod of lightning bending our mind in unexpected directions, showing us the way.

Snip… snip…

… bad news for all who weren’t blessed with left-handedness, since that means you don’t have a dominant right-brain. Left-handed: right-brained, right-handed: left-brained. Confusing, eh? But before you decide to start doing everything left-handed, listen to what I have to say.

It is weird though. When I was kid, I was left-handed. Before I went to preschool, I had this tutor. This tutor taught me how to write stuff using my right hand! So now, my left hand is pretty much useless.

The trick is to teach yourself to ignore rules, conventions, and must-be’s.

Very well said indeed. I keep my creative juices flowing by putting my headset on and listen to SomaFM (Groove Salad or Secret Agent). I try to listen to “lyrics”-less music to free my mind.

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