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PHP Will Kill Itself

In one of my previous posts, Who Killed The Webmaster?, factors such as technology and the rise of Web 2.o were blamed for the death of the webmaster. But perhaps one of the most obvious reasons why companies (whether big or small) do not need webmasters is because people started to make Content Management Systems. Now, anyone could just pay some guy with a one time fee to set up Joomla and viola! You can now update your website without any knowledge in HTML or PHP.

This is kind of wierd, but somehow I think this is all connected. At work, I have been programming PHP using an MVC Framework for about 3 months now, and already I find it time consuming coding from scratch. With the rise of good MVC Frameworks such as Symfony Project and Code Igniter (to name a few), sooner or later, fewer people would want to code from scratch. I personally could come up with a complete web-based system using an MVC Framework in less than a month! With less bugs and better security.

Within the years to come, only a selected elite of PHP programmers would still code “real” PHP while the rest of the population will be downloading Symfony Project or Code Igniter. The normal guy will be learning how to use the framework instead of learning PHP in-depth.

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2 Responses to PHP Will Kill Itself

  1. Harald says:

    Yeah, see your point there. Thats pretty much what have happened with javascript. I feel that this have only helped js, but it may not have the same affect in php.

  2. quantro says:

    yeah you right, but i still like to study php in-depth.

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