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Ian’s post!

found this on Ian’s Yahoo 360 page… :P

I CAN be the best for you
boy: hello
boy: k
girl: y did u change?
boy: just want you to know my another address. I am frequent on this
girl: k
girl: so tell me hows life
boy: I remember the day i brought you to church . . .
girl: wt
boy: you are wearing . . . a nice neat suit dress . . .
boy: I think the color is some sort of brown . . .
boy: do u still remember?
girl: nope
girl: then
boy: the message that day . . . I cannot remember or even after that as you have to go back to Bishan
girl: then?
boy: the moment was the path we have to walk to the church as the church is on the hill
girl: uhuh
boy: it was early in the morning . . . the road was a long walk . . .
boy: dry leaves are scattered all around
boy: dry leaves are scattered all around
girl: uhuh
girl: then
boy: the ray if the sun beats through the leaves of the trees and reflected on your face
boy: the radiant was beautiful as you insist on carrying my bible for me.
boy: you hold it closely on you bossom as if it is a treasure
girl: IT s
boy: we walked quietly . . . but I caught a glimpse of smile on your face
boy: it smile of jouy and content . . ..
boy: you are enjoying the walk . . .to the church.
boy: with me
girl: I was
boy: that was one of the most beautiful scenario I will never forget
girl: i enjoyed evry moment w/ u, and u r right
boy: now . . . do you believe I miss you?
girl: ditto
girl: i do
girl: and wud u believe me f i tell u i miss yak too
girl: a lot
boy: sure
girl: and i honestly miss her more than i do miss u
boy: of course
boy: you have been together for a long time
girl: i just cant comprehend hw things change how she forgot all that we share
girl: i can still hear her laughter and that laughter i hear of hers i know she has never laughed like that after wat happened
boy: It is hard I guess
girl: u hv no idea how i feel y she feels that way
boy: she knew we a nearly a couple before and things just change
girl: wt do u mean?
boy: when we came together
girl: u mean u and her
girl: did i come n ur way?
boy: well. at one point you and I were going out . .
boy: but then I chose her.
girl: yes we did, as friends. u go out w/ ate melds too
boy: She will always remember you and I went out before.
boy: But you were different
girl: there was never us, was there/
girl: ?
girl: wt do u mean difrent?
boy: i think there nearly was a chance about us till I saw you came back with another guy at Bishan. . .
girl: wat?
boy: i did make a choice after that
boy: u forgot?
girl: wt r u saying?
boy: one of the most memorable movie you saw with me . . . remember?
girl: remind me
boy: NY156
girl: wt chois did i make
boy: i make the choice
girl: ok, u
boy: well
girl: and wt chois did u hv 2 make
boy: i guess both of us have to make the choice anyway
girl: and wt did i make?
boy: i have to choose between a girl I can feel secure with
girl: and…
girl: ???
boy: well, I guess you just have a lot of other male friends to go out with
boy: you are just to outgoing for me.
girl: i was
boy: the memory of the walk to the church . .. I guess I cling on that image of you too strongly
girl: and hu did i go out w/ hu wer u talking abt?
boy: i dont want to remmebr his name . . . but that night siu and i stayed late and i cooked for the staff . . . I saw you came back with him . . .
boy: i am not jealous but I just think it is wise to be careful in my choices
girl: so? cant a guy take me home, i was single then
boy: he was an engineer . . . i was still seeking for God’s will
boy: there were . . .
girl: yes u did and u r
girl: and everything s perfectly GODs plan
boy: well, I thought there were something special bet us . . . and I was hoping that it will work out. I guess i will never know
boy: indeed. God has been so good to me all this while.
boy: I certainly ahve gone thru so much in my life that I have come to an awareness of who I am and what is my destiny
girl: HE always s, and u know that, I am just not the best for u as u r not for me.
boy: you r wrong
boy: I CAN be the best for you . . .
girl: remember u told ate melds that u cn never be my husband cz u cud not provide for my wants, well gess wat, GOD gave me a minister to marry, and he is just perfect for me
boy: you just will never going to
boy: anyway tho i miss the past and you . . . I always hope the best for you
boy: you have a good hubby and 2 adaorable babies . . .
boy: please sign up with multiply.com
boy: I share my life and ministry in that website . . .
girl: yes i do, and i DID love u but not n a romantic way, and mayb d same w/ u for me at that tym too
girl: did u?
boy: at that time . . . I was sure I love you in a romantic way. . .
boy: I am not shyto tell u that
girl: and by the way, u never courted me lah!
boy: that is why, i take it seriously wen we go out or even the decision i want to make
boy: i am not a filipino guy
boy: I only allow my romance to explode after i got marry
boy: to the only one I willl pamper and loved!
girl: i had a little pampering from u, and u r ryt, maybe i expected spoken words…to me…not thru ate
boy: she is so nice
boy: I got to go
boy: nice chatting
boy: take care!
girl: utc too
boy has signed out. (8/30/2006 12:33 AM)

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