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A Pinoy E-commerce Information Kit

I found this at DigitalFilipino. It is an e-commerce information kit. A very useful read for those who want information written by a local — Janette Toral.

Here some of the stuff found in the kit:

Creating an E-Commerce Project Plan
Domain Name and Branding
Getting Buyers’ Attention
Guidelines for Merchants
Opportunity in Every Crisis
State of E-Finance and E-Payment in the Philippines
Using Money Remittance Services to Accept Online Payment
CCNow.com Merchandising and Discounts Tools
Affordable payment solutions
Learning from Catalogs
Managing risks of online payment
Dealing with payment fraud
Protection of Personal Data
Affiliate Marketing or Internet Advertising: Generating Income in Your Website
Maximizing Google
Registering your Site with Search Engines
Dynamic advertising with Google
Attracting the Right Hits Consistently
Relentless marketing
Do People Talk About You?
Build it, break it
Making Virtual Networking Work for Business Promotion
Networking for business
Make your website media-friendly
Preparing for the holidays
From hobby to online business
Working from home: tips for the freelancer
Work at home
Skills SMEs Should Acquire Before Doing Business Online
Running a business online
Knowledge as commodity
Fighting for your copyright
Guard and Protect Your Copyright
Ideal online travel agent
One million in three weeks
Online Travel: Customer Service is Key
Real estate selling online
Passion for success
Concerns about e-commerce
Resolving disputes online
I hate spam!
Choosing a Web Site Hosting Service

Click here for the source. Will read when I have time :)

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4 Responses to A Pinoy E-commerce Information Kit

  1. Thanks for featuring the E-Commerce Information Kit here. Will very much appreciate your inputs on what else about e-commerce can we write about.

  2. Thank you for your articles :D

  3. mart says:

    Is ccnow.com easy to use for philippine-based sellers.

    what about charge-back fraud done by buyers?

    Is the seller protected?


  4. im not sure. i am not familiar with ccnow.com…
    but for payments, i just ask the client to deposit directly to my bank account.

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