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Steelwater’s Music

Steelwater, my officemate who happens to sit next to me has some of his music online.

He writes:

last april 5 to 7 i went home to our province and made some recordings on me and my spanish guitar using my creative muvo. its just me playing impromptu with whatever i can think of, later i decided to name them according to how they sounded. i uploaded them in my multiply account, the address is http://steelwater.multiply.com/music/item/22 or click here

the tracks are as follows (in alphabetical order) with a breif description of each track.

1. blues jam – 3:32secs of blues music, but its just me playing no other instrument or another guitar

2. fun – 7:48secs of music thats mostly major chord progressions sounding like some country sountrack, like the music you hear when you are just sitting and lazing around on a hot summery day under the tree and theres a breeze and everything is just making you feel relaxed and drowsy

3. heat – 1:32secs just heavy bluesy arpeggios and notes

4. jam – 10:26secs sounds like the ‘fun’ track only longer

5. magic carpet ride – 3:08secs arabian music themed song, and i have always wanted a magic carpet!

6. playing for the queen – 4:16secs if i was infront of the queen in her court i would play this.

7. spanish breeze – 3:56secs latin inspired music

8. walk with me – 5:28secs just something i played when i was in a relaxed mood.

there it is, my first recordings ever, i made a recording of me playing my electric bass..i will put it up soon…

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