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Boost WiFi Signal with a piece of cardboard and aluminum foil

I can’t believe that this works. I stumbled on this page and printed out a template. I got a piece of cardboard and traced the curve on it. Got a pair of scissors and tape then I placed it on … Continue reading

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The Car Of The Future

Watch this clip from BBC’s Top Gear about the new Mercedes-Benz S500. This is my new dream car. Everything is automated, you don’t even have to step on the accelerator and even the breaks. It does everything for you. Video … Continue reading

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Intel To Cut Prices By 60%

This is very good news. Intel will cut the prices of its products by up to 60% to reclaim market share from AMD. Here are some interesting quotes from the article. Customers of Intel Corp. said the world’s biggest computer-chip … Continue reading

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New Samsung Laptops To Use Flash Hard Drives

Samsung has created the world’s first computer that replaces standard hard disk drives with NAND Flash solid state disks (SSD). The SSD created is only has 32 GB of capacity. Because the new laptops have been fitted with the SSD … Continue reading

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Software lets programmers code hands-free

Neat. I want this… Imagine doing something like this: “if (currRecNum < maxOffSet)” a VoiceCode user only needs to say: “if current record number is less than max offset then” Here is the article for New Scientist: A new speech … Continue reading

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