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CSS Buttons: Simply Buttons V2

Thanks to Jack for posintg this. And from the official Simply-Buttons V2 site: Benefits Buttons size to fit text. There are 3 states: Inactive, Active, and Hover. They look and behave the same way in every browser and operating system. … Continue reading

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CSS to Remove New-lines or Breaks After Form Tags

Put this inside your form tags: style="margin: 0pt; display: inline;" //so it would be something like: &lt; form style="margin: 0pt; display: inline;"&gt; Input boxes here…< / form >

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Hightlight a table row on click using jQuery

The scenario: Every time you click on a row, the row highlights. When you click on the highlighted row – remove the highlight. The jQuery / Javascript code: //highligths the clicked row function highlightrow(obj) { if ($(obj).attr("style")==’background-color: rgb(255, 255, 187);’ … Continue reading

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