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Office Sharing for Startups in Manila (Philippines)

This is interesting news. Similar stuff I get to read on HN but way closer to where I am at. I have been following the Pinoy Webstartup Blog for a while now and I found this.

We’re back!!!! And I have a great idea (though not original, but long overdue)… that I really want to happen within the next 12 months. I’m seriously considering moving to a bigger office space in an IT building (or maybe an outfitted warehouse) that has redundant internet connection, 100% backup power supply, ample parking space, a conference room, and most importantly, GREAT PEOPLE around me! You like?

So I’m looking for freelance designers or developers, software startup teams, and entrepreneurs from the Pinoy Web Startup community who want to be around like-minded people and share a workspace with them. CoWorking has been popular in Seattle, Philadelphia, NYC, among others. You pretty much do it already when you bring your laptop to a coffee shop with WiFi. In our Workspace, you can just bring your laptop and work on your own desk and interact with

I remember about a year ago when me and my friends did something similar – but on a smaller scale. We got a room with an internet connection and hacked our asses until the we got so tired that we slept on the floor. The space was so small that we didn’t have a bed or a couch. There was no air conditioning and there comfort room only had a curtain (no doors). So if you were relieving yourself, you would have to ask the other people in the room not to use the comfort room because there was no way that they could tell that someone was using it. Even though everything was low budget, it was still a great experience.

Sadly, everything ended because all of us got day-jobs and we spent less and less time commuting to our little hacking-room.

If you know of a similar setup in Cebu (Philippines), tweet me. ;-)

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One Response to Office Sharing for Startups in Manila (Philippines)

  1. Marie says:

    Awesome, we have wedding/events photographer-friends sharing with us now – I guess I want to align making a living, client work, rapid dev of pet projects with being in a collaborative space – that’s air-conditioned too. I guess we’re lucky we have our own toilet, got girls :D

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