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XP-Dev: Assembla’s Alternative (Free Subversion Hosting)

If you looking for an Assembla alternative, you can use XP-Dev. They offer free subversion hosting. The best part is that they also allow you to host commercial code. I have emailed the owner directly regarding concerns about how he pays for bandwidth and storage. He directed me to his blog post — and so far so good. He seems like a good entrepreneur, letting the customers come first — then the money will come next. Someone who would put himself in the customers’ shoes and not let them down.

So what are you waiting for, go to XP-Dev.com and sign up now.

Here are some of the features:

*  5 free subversion repositories (modules) to each user *
* Unlimited number of repository users
* Each subversion repository has a soft limit of 300MB **
* Nightly offsite backup
* No restriction to the type of content that is hosted (open source, proprietary, etc are all allowed)
* All repositories are private to you and your team members
* Control access permissions (read/write) for each user to each repository
* Post commit emails to keep track of checkins
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8 Responses to XP-Dev: Assembla’s Alternative (Free Subversion Hosting)

  1. ryan says:

    XP Dev wont be able to offer such a service for free for much longer. Assembla was in the same boat, offering free subversion hosting but they simply hit a level of users that made it not possible for the company to take the hit on the free services. Thats why the bumped it up to the cheap monthly cost. Also no one can compare to the flexibility and features assembla has to offer in my opinion.

  2. Wenbert says:

    ryan, you are right. assembla has tons of features – the project management stuff is really advanced. the owner of XP-Dev admitted that they still lack some features and said they he is working hard to release new ones within this month.

    Let’s just wait and see what kind of business model XPDev will have. I’m hoping that it will be able to cater it’s free services in the long run.

    By that time, I will probably have my own Redmine + Git/SVN running on my server ;-)

  3. That’s one of the sites that I looked at as well. I was really just using such a site for ticket tracking. I didn’t use much space as I wasn’t throwing around files.

    Thanks for the link.

  4. Wenbert says:

    @Dr. Mike Wendell, the ticket tracking for XP-Dev is not as sophisticated as Assembla or other stand-alone tracking systems like Trac, Redmine or Mantis. But their subversion hosting works really great ;)

  5. workdraft says:

    assembla do have Trac/Git also. perhaps git-hub would be an option. but i’m not sure if they have private spaces/repos.

  6. Wenbert says:

    yup assembla has git. for github, only open-source apps are free. you need to pay for the commercial hosting :(

  7. C. G. Brown says:

    My company, ProjectLocker, also offers free, private Subversion hosting, Git hosting, and Trac hosting. We’ve been in business since 2003 and also offer paid plans for people who need lots of users or space. Anyone looking for free hosting is welcome to try us and compare us to the competition. We’d love the chance to earn your business.

  8. Wenbert says:

    C.G. Brown, thanks for the comment! I have already signed up and will be giving this a test run some time. It is so good to have Trac! Last I checked, XP-Dev does not have Trac…

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