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Firefox and Yahoo Mail Crashes

I don’t know if it is just me but do Firefox and Yahoo Mail have compatibility issues? Almost every time I close a Yahoomail tab or window (while logged in), Firefox crashes! I am on a Mac and running FF2. This is annoying me to the point that I switch to Safari. In my Windows machine (at work), this happens too! In my officemates machine, the same thing. He says at his home PC, it also happens too.

Has anyone been experiencing the same problems with Yahoomail and Firefox? Is this issue isolated to some misconfiguration? I am curious, since I work both on a Mac and Windows environment, the same thing happens. So, what gives?

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3 Responses to Firefox and Yahoo Mail Crashes

  1. Temuri says:

    I have a different sort of problem. My FF2 freezes when I try to log in to YahooMail advanced (fancy version). It’s been happening for the past two months, I tested it on 4 or 5 different computers with the same result.

    I’m located in Canada, could it be smth specific to Yahoo Rogers??


  2. I have similar problems with my gmail and FF2. I use opera only for the gmail. I suppose it could be some memory leak due to some wired ajax javascript, but I wouldn`t be able to locate it.

  3. Wenbert says:

    @Temuri, my Yahoomail does not freeze. But it totally shuts down all my Firefox windows. When I re-open, I am being asked whether I should open a new session or the the previous session.

    @Todor, hmmmm my gmail works perfectly on both Mac and Windows Firefox.

    I wonder if there is any official word on Firefox regarding this issue. Can you guys post some links here? ;)

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