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LAMP’s success is spelling its own doom?

Here is a very interesting post regarding LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). I agree with the post all the way.

So whats the problem here? Well I think one of the key issues is that LAMP focus on solving issues with a very non academic way. This implies that few people are exposed to LAMP during university. Even if they are, then they are forced to think in the traditional ways. Doing things the proper software engineering way etc. But this is not what helps you to become a top LAMP engineer. Here its important to solve real world issues in a good enough approach.

For example I bet you 99% of all professors would get a heart attack when I tell them that PHP is great and robust because any memory leaks get cleaned up after each request. So while developers try fix memory leaks, they can get away with some hanging around. This means that they can focus on adding new features instead. So lets hope that one by one universities realize that its worthwhile studying what makes LAMP so successful. Also to all students I can only say: If you are truly motivated, there are more chances in the LAMP space than in the Java/.Net world, since as this posts shows .. there is not enough talent in the pool .. meaning there are more opportunities for people that do join the LAMP talent pool. And there are more chances of sticking out from the crowd and becoming world famous (I am not kidding).

Click here for the entire post.

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