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A Better Font for Programmers

Here is an interesting find. Someone blogged about a better programmer’s font. Like him, I have been using Courier New for years now. But this guy found a better alternative. It’s more compact and a lot more readable. It really does save a lot of desktop real estate.

Quoted from his post:

For years I’ve used Courier New or whatever font my IDE chose for me. On a whim, I decided to search for a better programmer’s font; one that’s not only is easier on the eyes, but is more compact and efficient. I think I’ve found it: ProggyFonts

The Proggy font collection is composed of several free monospaced fonts designed for programmers, and emphasizes what hackers really want: easy readability and concise presentation. It’s so much better than what I was using this morning that I can’t believe I lived with Courier for so long.

I know it’s probably a sign of deep rooted psychological instability to get this excited over a font, but I can’t help it! Yay!

UPDATE: I totally forgot to link to his post.

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