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MySQL native driver for PHP6 (mysqlnd)

That’s right, you heard me right: PHP6. Since PHP5 had very big improvements from PHP4, especially on the OOP side, I am already excited with the new stuff that will come with PHP6. And with this new addition (the mysqlnd and with development as early as now), the marraige between PHP and MySQL will even be stronger. The mysqlnd will be a superior alternative for libmysql. There will be backward compatibility since libmysql will not be removed.

Advantages of mysqlnd

The new development is licensed under the terms of the PHP license to solve any license issues.

During the early stage of the development we will offer it from MySQL. As soon as mysqlnd is feature complete and production ready we will move it to the PHP project CVS repository on http://cvs.php.net.

On the C-level mysqlnd uses many of the proven and stable PHP internal functions. All the code of the new driver is contained in the ext/mysqli source directory. There is no need to link any external libraries. Thus you neither need to install the MySQL client library to compile PHP with ext/mysqli support nor do you need to take care of versions. Compiling has been made easier.

The performance of some functions has been improved. We have measured considerable performance improvements, for example when fetching buffered result sets.

Features and Limitations

This first, alpha release is not feature complete. From the API additions discussed with Community members in November 2006 during the Frankfurt PHP conference, we managed implement a first version of:

  • improved persistent connections
  • mysqli_fetch_all()
  • a first performance statistics call: mysqli_get_cache_stats()

More additions will follow.

Unfortunately the first alpha release does not include Prepared Statement Support.

You can read more here.

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