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Google Sitemap Plugin for WordPress

I just got an email from the Google Adsense Team. Then somewhere at the bottom of the email, I found this:

Make your content crawler-friendly with Google Sitemaps

Ensuring that all your web pages are crawled so users can discover more of your content is a common challenge for web publishers – especially when your content changes regularly. But, with Google Sitemaps, it is easy to submit all your URLs to the Google index (for free!) and tell us when each page was last modified, how frequently it changes and automatically tell us when you have created new pages that you want us to crawl. You will also get detailed reports, including your crawl status and robots.txt analysis that can help make your pages more crawler-friendly and more visible on Google.

After reading that, I went on to Google to search for a WordPress Plugin for Google Sitemaps. I found it here: Google Sitemap WP Plugin

Features include:

    1. WordPress 2 compatible
    2. Comes as a WordPress Plugin
    3. Is easy to install
    4. Has a user interface where you can customize all parameters like change frequencies, priorities etc.
    5. User interface available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
    6. Generates a static XML file in your Blog directory (Filename is customizable)
    7. Can generate a gzipped version of the sitemap
    8. Generates a sitemap for homepage, posts, static pages, categories and archive pages
    9. Calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments (You can also turn this off)
    10. The XML file gets automatically rebuilt if you change/edit/create/publish a post
    11. Can automatically tell Google about changes via Google-Ping
    12. You can include external pages which aren’t generated by WordPress or are not recognized by this plugin
    13. You can define a minimum post priority, which will override the calculated value if it’s too low
    14. Includes a WordPress filter for other plugins which can add their pages to the sitemap

    Homepage | Latest version download WordPress 1.5x Compatible | Latest version download WordPress 2.x Compatible

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