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Zend Framework: Connecting to 2 databases

I was in a situation that I need to connect to 2 different databases. I started by putting the additional credentials to login into the second database inside my config file: /application/config/app.ini   [production] database.adapter = "PDO_MYSQL" database.params.host = "localhost" … Continue reading

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Extending the Models in Zend Framework = Better readability + Easier to maintain

Let’s say I have a Model named: Psdump.php and it is found in /models/Psdump.php < ?php   /** * Psdump.php * /opt/apache2/htdocs/apps/org_v2/application/models/Psdump.php */   require_once APPLICATION_PATH.’/models/PsdumpTable.php’; //I will need this   class Psdump extends Zend_Db_Table { protected $_table; public function … Continue reading

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